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Friday, October 30, 2015

Stunning Articulated Wings For Your Cosplay!

Alexis Noriega of The Crooked Feather built this amazing set of wings, fully articulated with a pneumatic system! They spring open and gently close at the push of a button.

She'll be posting a tutorial on her Facebook page, so you can build your own.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kristen Hughey

Kristen Hughey

Kristen will be at Quebec Comiccon, October 17-18th!

"By combining her intense love of gaming, skills in crafting and sewing, and zest for learning, Kristen Hughey was able to bring her own fantasy to life and become an international costumer.  What started as an outlet to meet local, like-minded friends quickly became a portal to realms she never thought possible.  She has since expanded her craft by becoming a published model, representing major companies and traveling to appear at events as a guest, judge, panelist and exhibitor.  Her ability to share her love for all things geek and to now meet like-minded friends around the world is her favorite aspect of this adventure.  Even when she is not traveling, Kristen is known for her highly interactive online presence through social media and her Twitch TV gaming streams."

Visit Kristen and become a part of her #HugheyCrew!

Twitch TV
Twitter @kristenhughey
Instagram @kristenhugheycosplay
SnapChat OKristenHughey

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Amazing Cosplays Of Comic Con Russia!

Comic Con Russia is THE place for cosplay heaven!

Check this video posted by Mr. TVCow, from the 2015 Comic Con Russia event. Simply Amazing!
English version of the site is here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Manda Cowled

Guest Appearance:
Cornwall & Area Pop Event -- CAPE
Cornwall, ON (Canada), April 18h

Manda Cowled is a cosplayer, comic book nerd, n00b gamer and an overall crazy chick!!

Manda's been cosplaying since August 2013 with canadian cosplay group The Geekettes which she helps put together with her two best friends. Since then, more members joined the group, and they all had some pretty amazing times.  Look for The Geekettes in a convention near you.

Thru conventions, Manda has met so many wonderful people, and she lives to inspire others to try cosplaying and to enjoy the nerd community to the fullest.

Share the nerd love with Manda Cowled!

Manda Cowled on Facebook
Manda's official website


Guest Appearance:
Cornwall & Area Pop Event -- CAPE
Cornwall, ON (Canada), April 18h

PrettyWreck is always up to appear in conventions and charity events!
Huge fan of Gaming, Books, Comics, Writing, Sewing & Prop Making.

Prettywreck on Facebook
Get PrettyWreck's merchandise.

Ashe Rogue

Guest Appearance:
Cornwall & Area Pop Event -- CAPE
Cornwall, ON (Canada), April 18h

"I'm Ashe, a Canadian based professional Nerd!"
Talented canadian girl Ashton graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2013 after completing her studies in Graphic Design.

Immediately after graduating she was hired and completed varying contracts in a few Toronto based design firms. Ashton resides in Toronto continuing to pursue her geeky dream. She aspires to make a living doing the things she loves and practices gaming, journalism, blogging, illustration, gaming and costuming in order to make her dream become a reality.

When she isn’t working chances are you’ll find Ashton playing games, reading comics, or working feverishly on a new costume for an upcoming convention!

Find Ashe Rogue on Facebook
Ashe Rogue's official website


Marie Ventress Cosplay

Guest Appearance:
Cornwall & Area Pop Event -- CAPE
Cornwall, ON (Canada), April 18h

Marie Ventress is a cosplayer and Geek Girl from the cold wastelands of Sherbrooke, Quebec! Cosplaying for a couple of years already, follow her on Instagram!

Marie on Instagram
Friend her on Facebook

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beccadex Cosplay

Guest Appearance:
Marble City Comicon
April 25-26th

Becca (AKA Beccadex) started cosplaying in 2012 and have been attending cons since 2013.

She joined Iconiq Cosplay Photography after a shoot with the group’s head photographer, Wendell Harris. Her first cosplay ever was Touko from Pokemon White, for a fun halloween night! She was astonished at how many people loved and recognised  her costume, and she started making more and more pokemon costumes and then finally branched out to creating one from her favorite anime, Gurren Lagann.

While video games and anime are her main focus, Beccadex soon branched out into comics and steampunk culture. With a passion for making broaches and steampunk accents, she proudly wears them with her daily outfits as well as her costumes.

Find Beccadex's on Facebook
Beccadex on Deviant Art