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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bewitched Raven

Guest Appearance:
Marble City Comicon
April 25-26th

BewitchedRaven work to make almost every aspect of each costume you’ll see her wear. Every design came from her own head -- and she welcomes constructive comments!

Based in Atlanta, she’s a total geek that’s been cosplaying since 2011.
BewitchedRaven is a huge advocate for the idea that everyone is a "friend", not a "fan", and she doesn’t tolerate bullying and mean people.

“I am one of those cosplayers who will never post a "wish list" of items for you to buy for me. I have too much respect for the effort that was put into making your money. If ever you want to do something nice for me, stop by and say hi or pick up a print in my store! I would prefer you save your money to come hang with me at a convention rather than blindly send gifts to a woman you have never met. If you do ever feel the urge to spend money, just check out my shop! I got some cool prints for sale there!”

BewitchedRaven mostly attend east coast conventions, but she accepts invites to be cosplay guest anywhere!

Find BewitchedRaven on Facebook
BewitchedRaven's store.

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